Mr. Talal Al Kaissi

Talal Al Kaissi is an Advisor to the Director General on Strategic Projects at the UAE Space Agency.

Talal joined the UAE Space Agency in September 2018. Among several duties one of his core focus functions is supporting the activation of the UAE Space Agency Investment Promotion Plan, and the development of a holistic national Space Economy with an emphasis on attracting space startups and investments to the UAE. Prior to his role at the Agency, Talal served at the UAE Embassy in Washington DC for 9 years as a Sr. Advisor for Commercial Affairs at the UAE Trade & Commercial Office and also led US / UAE Space Affairs. Talal graduated from California State University in Long Beach with a BS in International Business in 2006.

on the agenda- june 25

1345: Space Traffic Management: Top Down or Bottom Up?

The growth in space activities has shifted space traffic management from an academic debate to real-world policy debate, yet there is still significant uncertainty about what it means and how to go about creating a workable regime. Should space traffic management be top-down with a global agreement on rules and standards? Or should it be done from the bottom-up with industry practices enshrined in national regulation? Who decides what the rules are, who they apply to, and how they are enforced? | Moderator: Chris Johnson, SWF Space Law Advisor

  • Didier Alary, University of Toulouse

  • Talal Al Kaissi, UAE Space Agency

  • Ron Lopez, Astroscale U.S.

  • Jennifer Warren, Lockheed Martin