Mr. Didier Alary

Didier Alary is the SIRIUS Chair Researcher at the University of Toulouse.

Mr. Alary is currently working in the SIRIUS chair on the Space Traffic Management. This chair is sponsored by Airbus DS, TAS and CNES and operated jointly by the legal department of the university of Toulouse and the Toulouse Business School.

He ended a long and active career in the space industry last January, heading the Advanced Space Systems at Airbus Defence and Space. Prior to that position, he was Head of Innovation, head of Earth Observation advanced concepts, and several positions in the design and development of spacecraft and ground segments. In total this represents more than 30 years of space experience. Before 1988 he worked in Manufacturing Engineering at Schlumberger for seven years. Mr. Alary graduated in Electronics at the Ecole Centrale de Paris.

on the agenda - June 25

1345: Space Traffic Management: Top-Down or Bottom-Up? (Panel)

The growth in space activities has shifted space traffic management from an academic debate to real-world policy debate, yet there is still significant uncertainty about what it means and how to go about creating a workable regime. Should space traffic management be started top-down with a global agreement on rules and standards? Or should it be done from the bottom-up with industry practices enshrined in national regulation? Who decides what the rules are, who they apply to, and how they are enforced? | Moderator: Chris Johnson, SWF