Mr. David Edmondson

David Edmondson is the Policy Head of the Space Security and Advanced Threats in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office on space policy.

David focuses on the international political-military and multilateral aspects of space. 

David worked in the FCO’s central Policy Unit delivering prioritisation, impact and risk structures for the FCO, was the Policy Planner for Africa and led the design of the Global Britain Uplift.  Previously posted as Head of Chancery in Hanoi for three years from 2009, with Vietnamese language training, and then to Cape Town to lead the trade work there, David’s career also includes work on National Security, West Africa and resources.

Initially trained in construction project management, David delivered projects in the UK and Southern Africa before returning to the UK in various business roles.  David completed an Executive MBA from the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town in 2017.


 1015 Towards Norms of Behavior 

 In light of the Summit discussions, how would norms of behavior help with space sustainability? What specific proposals for norms on commercial, civil, and national security space should be priorities for the space community? | Moderator: Victoria Samson, SWF Washington Office Director  

  • David Edmondson, United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office  

  • Walt Everetts, Iridium Communications  

  • Andre Rypl, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

  • Kazuto Suzuki, Hokkaido University