Dr. Christoph Aubrecht

Chris Aubrecht is the Senior Geospatial Strategist / ESA Representative to the World Bank at the European Space Agency / World Bank.

Dr. Aubrecht represents the European Space Agency (ESA) at the World Bank, providing strategic advice and coordinating collaborative activities. ESA’s Earth Observation for Sustainable Development #EO4SD initiative provides support to International Financial Institutions in increasing uptake of Earth Observation with the aim of long-term mainstreaming and transfer into development operations.

Prior to joining ESA, Chris was leading the spatial analytics efforts under the World Bank’s LAC CDRP disaster resilience initiative. For 10 years he also worked at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, in the end serving as senior geospatial strategy advisor. Further previous affiliations include GFDRR, EADS-Astrium, NOAA, Columbia University’s CIESIN and the attached NASA SEDAC, and the University of Southern California.

Chris has guest lectured on dynamic spatial modeling and Earth Observation at Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University and was recently appointed as visiting professor in GIScience at University of Vienna where he had previously served for several years as adjunct lecturer. He holds a PhD in integrated GIScience and remote sensing from Vienna University of Technology, a prior Master’s degree from the University of Vienna, and certificates in executive leadership and management development from Harvard University.


0915         Why Space Sustainability Is Crucial for Life on Earth 

 Space capabilities are increasingly integrated into societies and the global economy and are finding applications far beyond the traditional missions. From managing natural resources to fighting poverty and monitoring elections, space is becoming a critical tool to address global challenges. How can we continue to break down silos between the space and non-space worlds? What steps can the space world take to make data and capabilities more accessible to those who can have the most impact? | Moderator: Krystal Wilson, SWF Director of Space Applications Programs  

  • Carlos Alvarado, Central American Association for Aeronautics and Space  

  • Chris Aubrecht, European Space Agency & World Bank  

  • Ed Parsons, Google  

  • Danielle Wood, Massachusetts Institute of Technology