Ms. Carissa Bryce Christensen

Carissa Christensen is the Founder and CEO of Bryce Space and Technology.

Bryce Space and Technology is a leading aerospace and emerging markets consultancy. Ms. Christensen is an internationally-recognized expert in commercial space and the interplay of government, military, and commercial activities in the aerospace sector. For over two decades she has engaged the leading edge of the space industry with innovative analysis of space systems and advanced technology. She led the creation of widely-used financial and economic indicators now considered global metrics for the commercial space and satellite sectors.

Ms. Christensen holds a Master of Public Policy degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, where she specialized in science and technology policy. She also completed the General Course in Government at the London School of Economics and was a Douglass Scholar at Rutgers University.

on the agenda - June 25

0845 Setting the Stage – Spotlight Talks: A series of short presentations on current situations, trends, and challenges in the space domain that impact space sustainability.

The Rise and Promise of Commercial Space - Carissa Christensen, Bryce Space & Technology