Mr. Andre Rypl

Andre Rypl is a Diplomat at the Mission of Brazil to the International Organizations in Vienna.

Mr. Rypl has been working with space issues since 2012.  As a career diplomat, he participated in a number of negotiations such as the guidelines on the long term sustainability of outer space activities and the COPUOS Space 2030 Agenda. He also participates as a speaker on a range of different topics, including TCBMs and the role of international cooperation in fostering the peaceful uses of outer space.  He is the chair of the 62th session of COPUOS (2019).


 1015 Towards Norms of Behavior :  In light of the Summit discussions, how would norms of behavior help with space sustainability? What specific proposals for norms on commercial, civil, and national security space should be priorities for the space community? | Moderator: Victoria Samson, SWF Washington Office Director  

  • David Edmondson, United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office  

  • Walt Everetts, Iridium Communications  

  • Andre Rypl, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

  • Kazuto Suzuki, Hokkaido University