0800 - Registration

0830 - Opening Welcome

Krystal Wilson, SWF Director of Space Applications Programs, Summit Chair

0845 - SWF Vision

Peter Martinez, SWF Executive Director

0915 - Setting the Stage: Spotlight Talks

A series of short presentations by high-level experts on current situations, trends, and challenges in the space domain that impact space sustainability.

1015 - Morning Coffee Break

1045 - Spotlight Talks (cont.)

  • Militarization and Potential Conflict in Space - Jana Robinson, PSSI

  • The Role of Space for Benefits on Earth - Anne Hale Miglarese, Radiant.Earth

  • Past and Future of Space Governance - Niklas Hedman, United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs

1145 - Audience Voting on Priorities

Interactive session with the audience to vote on their priorities for space sustainability challenges using the Sli.do tool.

1200 - Luncheon & Keynote

kevin o’connell

Director, Office of Space Commerce at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

1300 - The Promise and Challenges of New Actors in Space

The last decade has seen a surge in new actors entering the space domain. Many more countries are developing space programs and national law and policy while commercial startups are leveraging cheaper and better technology to do more with less. Some cheer these trends for their promise of better capabilities, services, and benefits, while others voice concerns about their sustainability and impact on the space environment. What are the benefits of the surge in new actors and what should we be wary of? What steps can the world take to ensure new actors are contributing to space sustainability?

Moderator: Ian Christensen, Secure World Foundation


1400 -Space Traffic Management: Top-Down or Bottom-Up?

The growth in space activities has shifted space traffic management from an academic debate to real-world policy debate, yet there is still significant uncertainty about what it means and how to go about creating a workable regime. Should space traffic management be started top-down with a global agreement on rules and standards? Or should it be done from the bottom-up with industry practices enshrined in national regulation? Who decides what the rules are, who they apply to, and how they are enforced?

Moderator: Chris Johnson, Secure World Foundation


1500 - AFTERnoon coffee Break

1530 - The Relationship Between Commercial Space and Counterspace

Over the last several years, there has been a growing focus on two different conversations: one about the commercial and economic development of space, and another about the risk of conflict on Earth extending into space. Yet there is often very little dialogue on how these two issues interact and what impact each may have on the other. How might greater geopolitical instability or actual war in space impact commercialization? Can the private sector play a role in deterring space conflict or providing more resilient capabilities?

Moderator: Dr. Brian Weeden, Secure World Foundation


1630- Why Space Sustainability Is Crucial for Life on Earth

Space capabilities are increasingly integrated into societies and the global economy and are finding applications far beyond the traditional missions. From managing natural resources to fighting poverty and monitoring elections, space is becoming a critical tool to address global challenges. How can we continue to break down silos between the space and non-space worlds? What steps can the space world take to make data and capabilities more accessible to those who can have the most impact? | Moderator: Krystal Wilson, SWF


1730 - Close