0830 - Keynote Interview


Chief Executive Officer, Iridium

0930 - Priorities for Space Sustainability

Interactive session with the audience on the challenges for space sustainability. Panel discussion of the audience poll from the first day and updated audience voting at the end of the discussion.

Moderator: Dr. Peter Martinez


  • Ian Christensen, SWF

  • Chris Johnson, SWF

  • Victoria Samson, SWF

  • Dr. Brian Weeden, SWF

  • Krystal Wilson, SWF

1015 - Panel: Towards Norms of Behavior

There has been a lot of discussion of the need to develop norms of behavior for space to address space sustainability challenges, but little agreement on what norms are or how they would help. In light of the Summit discussions, how would norms of behavior help with space sustainability? What are specific proposals for norms on commercial, civil, and national security space should be priorities for the space community?

Moderator: Ms. Victoria Samson, SWF


1100 - Close