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Introduced by Ron Lopez, Astroscale


Chief Executive Officer, Iridium Communications

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DAN hart

Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Orbit

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jacqueline feldscher

National Security & Space Reporter, POLITICO

0915 - Why Space Sustainability Is Crucial for Life on Earth

 Space capabilities are increasingly integrated into societies and the global economy and are finding applications far beyond the traditional missions. From managing natural resources to fighting poverty and monitoring elections, space is becoming a critical tool to address global challenges. How can we continue to break down silos between the space and non-space worlds? What steps can the space world take to make data and capabilities more accessible to those who can have the most impact? |Moderator: Krystal Wilson, SWF Director of Space Applications Programs

1000 - Audience Voting on Space Sustainability Solutions

Interactive session with the audience to vote on their priorities for space sustainability soutions using the Sli.do tool.

1015 - Panel: Towards Norms of Behavior

In light of the Summit discussions, how would norms of behavior help with space sustainability? What specific proposals for norms on commercial, civil, and national security space should be priorities for the space community? | Moderator: Victoria Samson, SWF Washington Office Director


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